(Course Instructor, UT Austin, 2022) 


Technology and Inequality      (Course Instructor, Stanford University, 2019) 

“Overall this course was the best course that I've taken this summer. It was really eye-opening.”

“I feel like now I can evaluate and take a better critical perspective on technology.”

“It's a great opportunity for CS students to obtain a different perspective on the tech they're developing in order to think about the impact of their work.”

“Discussions in class was so worth contributing to!”

“The topics in this class are incredibly important to understanding our modern world and to understand why we must take a more critical view in regards to technology. In my opinion, the material covered was very interesting.”

Media Processes and Effects     (TA, Stanford University, 2018) 

"Jihye constructively spent time explaining the nuances of each theory after having learned it in class."

“She helped me learn how to apply the theories learned in class to my everyday life.”

“She helped us get a handle of what we discussed in class. She also was very efficient when we had questions regarding the class. Communication with professor was great because we could tell her our problems and she would get concerns to professor.”

Media Economics (TA, Stanford University, 2017) 

"She was very knowledgeable about the course and answered all my queries."

“Jihye was great at summarizing the key concepts that we covered in class, and was always very organized and up to date on the different topics that needed more review.”

"She always had a strong agenda and was organized and prepared."